Operation Save a Life

Operation Save a Life is an initiative created by the Bureau of Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery at the Carroll County Health Department. Statistics have shown that in 2013, 464 Marylander’s died due to heroin related intoxication. In the same year, an additional 316 Marylander’s died as a result of prescription opioid-related intoxication. This initiative has been put in place to bring community awareness and to have a preventative, life-saving tool.

During this free two-hour training you will learn how to properly administer the life-saving drug, Naloxone. When administered, Naloxone works to reverse the respiratory depression that is most often the cause of an overdose death. One of the most important steps in this process is to call 9-1-1 for immediate medical attention prior to administering Naloxone. The “Good Samaritan” law was put in place to protect against prosecution for both the overdose victim and those who respond to the overdose.

If you are concerned that a friend, family member, or loved one is at risk for overdosing on heroin or prescription pain medication, this life saving training course is for you. Call the Carroll County Health Department at 800-966-3877 or 410-876-2152 for more information.