Worksite Wellness Program

Worksite Wellness Program

Worksite Wellness Program

Welcome to the 60 Day Worksite Wellness Program

Thank you for taking this step to improve your employee’s overall health and wellness throughout the next two months. This program is a voluntary wellness program consisting of both daily and weekly structured activities designed to create and/or improve healthy habits for employee’s that will form into permanent lifestyle changes.

What will the Worksite Wellness Program Consist of?

We believe it is important to focus on the whole self to encompass total wellness, not just simply focusing on healthy physical habits such as diet and exercise. Based on the evidence of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, we believe that you can create or enhance your wellness program by addressing these areas:

  1. Emotional Wellness – coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships
  2. Spiritual Wellness – expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life
  3. Intellectual Wellness – recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand on knowledge and skills
  4. Physical Wellness – recognizing the need for physical activity, sleep, and proper nutrition
  5. Environmental Wellness – good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being
  6. Financial Wellness – satisfaction with current and future financial situations
  7. Occupational Wellness – personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work
  8. Social Wellness – developing a sense of belonging, connection, support system

Each participant should receive all printable planning pages that includes a habit tracker, gratitude diary, calendar to track weekly active minutes, and a journal page to track their wellness each of the 60 days.

We are providing you with everything you need to support the participants. Every week there will be electronic PDF resource pages that you send out with links, graphics and videos for each dimension of wellness. These tips and tricks are designed to help participants create healthier habits throughout the next two months.

We encourage you to have your participants check in weekly as well as provide them with incentives (should you need suggestions, we’re here to help with ideas). We won’t leave you hanging should you need support throughout the new program. If you need assistance please contact Tasha Cramer at

For the Participants

This program is about wellness as a whole. We want you to take the next 60 days to evaluate your overall health and wellness. This program is not all about losing weight, but about making healthy lifestyle choices with a little encouragement, incentive and hope. Ideally, once you’ve completed the 60-day program, you will see your healthy changes and be motivated to continue the path to total wellness!

Each participant will receive access to printable planning pages online. These can be printed and used as you see fit; you can track your daily active minutes, write down a few things you are grateful for, as well as take the time to create some personal goals. These are your goals, whatever you want them to be. Whether it is to make your bed everyday (which is important for daily wellness) or to drink 64oz of water a day (also very important), you get to set the goal. Feel free to keep it or change it up monthly. Remember, how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances. Give yourself time. Building better habits is not an all-or-nothing process.

Weekly check-ins. To help you stay accountable, we ask that you check in weekly. Your site coordinator will tell you how they expect a check in.

We wish you the best on your new journey!