North Carroll Abuser Intervention Recovery & Wellness Program

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1011 S. Main Street, Hampstead, MD 21074-2230

Offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to promote and preserve safety from abuse for spouses and children that are put at risk by batterers. This 26-week program follows the operational guidelines of the Maryland Governor‚ Council on Family Violence, compelling offenders to be accountable for their actions while understanding the damaging effects of power and control on their partners, families, communities, and themselves. Clients meet in a group setting for educational sessions about abuse while working on any psychological issues. Topics include personal accountability, defining abuse, denial, blame, empathy for victims and bystanders, anger management, self-control, and understanding available resources in the community. Open to males who have been abusive to an intimate partner. Clients may volunteer or be court ordered to attend.

Contact Information
Phone: 443-293-2665